Election Commission's decision changed the political atmosphere in Bihar, politics of city divided into four camps

Pankaj Prasad
Bihar Municipal elections
Bihar Municipal elections

After the seat of the Deputy Mayor along with the Mayor became very backward, the political landscape of the city has started changing.

After the seat of the Deputy Mayor along with the Mayor became very backward, the political landscape of the city has started changing. Till now, for the mayor seat, the candidates belonging to the most backward castes were searching for their political hold. But, after both the seats are of the same category, now the round of multiplication has started for the Deputy Mayor more than the Mayor. Due to being a general seat, those who were contending for the deputy mayor. He is now tapping the pulse of his close friends to field his favorite candidate from the most backward society as the candidate of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. However, no one is coming out in the open. In the electoral scenario that is visible so far, apart from the former and outgoing mayors, there are many outgoing councilors who come from the most backward society. They are preparing to stake their claim for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Many have even put up banners and posters in the city. Not only this, the publicity vehicle has also started roaming on the streets of the city.

The candidates of both the seats will come out in the open next week

Nomination for Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation elections is going to start from 16 September. In such a situation, the candidature of the candidates of Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who are directing with the councilor for the first time, will be open next week. For the time being, current and former politicians who have their political presence in the city are also keeping silent. What is the current political scenario. This shows that the four political camps will try to establish their supremacy in the corporation elections. There are already three groups. At the same time, the fourth camp will be associated with the politics of the corporation. All three camps are keeping an eye on each other's strategy. However, a political camp has almost announced its supporting candidate regarding the mayor. They are now seeking support for their supported candidate from the second, third camp. At the same time, the second, third and fourth camps are still waiting. It is expected that in two-three days, along with the mayor, the candidate of the deputy mayor will also be announced.

Two camps preparing to field young faces

An outgoing councilor of the city, who is young. He comes from a very backward society, two political camps are preparing to take him down as mayor, giving their support. One camp has even made an open announcement through social media. The second group is still waiting. It is said that it will be announced after the selection of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor candidate. However, the round of reactions on social media has intensified.