In the case of crime, Bihar ranked 24th, ADGP Headquarters said - crime decreased in the new government

Pankaj Prasad
ADGP Headquarters Jitendra Singh Gangwar
ADGP Headquarters Jitendra Singh Gangwar

Crime has reduced in Bihar during the tenure of the new government (Mahagathbandhan) formed in August.

Patna. Crime has reduced in Bihar during the tenure of the new government (Mahagathbandhan) formed in August. The graph of action against criminals involved in heinous crimes like murder, robbery, rape etc. has increased by 38 percent within a month of the formation of the Mahagathbandhan government. Police Headquarters has made this claim based on the latest data. ADGP Headquarters Jitendra Singh Gangwar has completely rejected the allegation of increasing crime after the change of government in the press conference on Friday.

5997 criminals caught every month

He was asked whether crime has increased in Bihar after the formation of the new government. To confirm his point, Jitendra Singh Gangwar has cited the latest data released by the headquarters and NCRB from time to time. He said that 41 thousand 983 criminals were arrested from January to July by the Vajra team in murder, attack on police, attempt to murder, Dalit harassment and special cases. That is, every month 5997 criminals were caught.

Crime graph dropped in Bihar

At the same time, 8301 criminals have been arrested in August. This proves that 38 percent more criminals were caught in August. Apart from this, till July, one lakh 57 thousand 735 criminals were caught by the district police station in the entire state. Of these, 119 are Naxalites and 4980 are hardcore criminals. The crime graph in Bihar has dropped.

Bihar ranked 24th in terms of crime

According to the report of NCRB, Bihar is at 24th place in terms of crime. The crime rate in Bihar is 228 per one lakh population. Bihar ranks 26th in terms of crime against women. There has been a decrease in the case of the POCSO Act. There has also been a decrease in the cases of murder and kidnapping.

Decline in crime against women in Bihar

In the year 2021, the national average crime rate against women in the top is 64.5 (per one lakh), while the crime rate against women in Bihar in the same year is 30.2, which is less than half of the national average crime rate. If you compare the total number of cases registered against women in Bihar with other states, then Bihar ranks ninth. Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Telangana, Rajasthan, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Assam rank above Bihar in reported crimes against women.

Action on those who attacked government employees

The ADGP said that strict action is being taken against those who attacked the police-government employee. If there is anger among the people, then express it within the ambit of the law. If you do physical violence, then action will be taken by registering a case under non-bailable sections. Till July, 2394 people have been arrested. In August itself, 339 have been caught.

Rumors of child theft in the state and keep an eye on social media

On the frequent incidents of child theft, the ADGP said that this is the work of mischievous elements. Denying any incident of child theft, he said that all the complaints received turned out to be false. All districts have been ordered to keep an eye on social media. More than 12 people have been arrested in the Mahavir flag procession incident in Siwan.