Ro-Pax Ferry Service: Solar powered Ro-Pax Ferry service started for the first time in India

Pankaj Prasad
Ro Pax Ferry Service
Ro Pax Ferry Service

In Gujarat, DG C Connect has resumed its much awaited Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira and Gogha.

Ro-Pax Ferry Service: After the facility of seaplane in Gujarat, now people here have got another facility of transport, Ropax Ferry Service. DG C Connect has resumed its much awaited Ro-Pax ferry service between Hazira in Surat and Gogha in Bhavnagar on 7th September. This is the first time in the country, when solar powered ship-service is available. This service provides more convenience to the passengers.

service resumed

There will be many benefits from starting this service. Firstly, due to this service, the distance of 370 km in Gujarat has been reduced to 90 km. This ship-service will cover a distance of 54 km in just 3 hours in the sea. Everything will be powered by solar energy. In this way, petrol and diesel will also be saved. The Hazira-Gogha Ro-Pax ferry services between South Gujarat and Saurashtra via sea were temporarily suspended due to technical and economic concerns. With its restart, the Ro-Pax ferry will move passengers and cargo between the two destinations in three hours.

fuel will be saved

According to Voyage Express India, the solar-powered Ro-Pax ferry will drastically reduce fuel usage, adding to the central government's efforts to promote the use of renewable energy. Also, passengers will have the option of traveling between Hazira and Gogha twice a day. Voyage Express will leave Ghogha at 9 am and Hazira at 06:30 pm. Whereas, Voyage Symphony will depart from Hazira at 8 am and from Ghogha at 5 pm.