Mission 2024: Preparations to be played on more than 100 seats to defeat BJP, know the political equation of 4 states

Pankaj Prasad
Mission 2024
Mission 2024

To keep the BJP away from power, the Grand Alliance will have a special eye on 4 states including Bihar in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Mission 2024: Opposition parties have started uniting to keep BJP out of power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024. After the political upheaval in Bihar, Nitish Kumar was authorized by JDU for this work. Nitish Kumar is constantly meeting the leaders of the opposition parties and is preparing for the future. He has also got the support of many political stalwarts and now 4 states have been specifically targeted by the Grand Alliance.

Giants preparing for 2024

Narendra Modi was the face of the BJP government formed with a thumping majority in 2014. The BJP, which contested the election in the name of PM Modi, performed unilaterally in terms of seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and came to the government with a majority. Now the preparations for the opposition camp have started to keep the BJP out of power in the 2024 elections. Is. When Nitish Kumar took the responsibility of uniting the opposition parties on behalf of the Grand Alliance, an atmosphere has been created across the country on behalf of the opposition parties.

Special focus on 4 states

JD(U) national president Lalan Singh had said in an earlier statement that if hard work is done in the Lok Sabha seats of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, then the loss in these three states will drive the BJP away from power. But now Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee named Nitish Kumar, Hemant Soren as well as Akhilesh Yadav that everyone will come together. On the other hand, SP has also issued a message by showing Nitish Kumar and Akhilesh Yadav in its poster. After which now there is a possibility of big preparation by including 4 states.

Equation of 4 states including UP-Bihar

Bihar has 40 Lok Sabha seats and UP has 80 seats. If 14 seats in Jharkhand and 42 seats in West Bengal are combined, the total seats are 176. Of these 176 seats, BJP alone holds 105 seats. Whereas the constituent parties of the NDA alliance were in addition to these 105 seats. Now the equation formed after the separation of JDU will keep a special eye on these 4 states. The opposition will try to sweat more here.