7.6 magnitude earthquake shook the country, a horrifying scene in viral video

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Earthquake In Papua New Guinea
Earthquake In Papua New Guinea

Earthquake Video: At least five people died and many houses were damaged due to the earthquake. The extent of the damage is not yet clear.

Earthquake In Papua New Guinea : At least five people were killed and several houses were damaged in a severe earthquake that hit Papua New Guinea on Sunday. The 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck near the town of Kenantu at a depth of 90 km. The extent of the damage is not clear, with a video shared on social media showing a horrifying scene during the quake. In the video, huge cracks in the roads, damaged cars and debris scattered on the highways are seen, people are seen running here and there.

According to ANI, the earthquake also caused landslides. Power outages were also reported in parts of PNG, with tremors felt widely from cities in counties near the epicenter to the capital of Port Moresby. Meanwhile, the US Geological Survey issued a tsunami warning but later said the threat "has passed".

PNG Prime Minister James Marpe said the quake was "heavy". He asked people to be alert. PM Marpe said that national and provincial disaster agencies and leaders have been asked to assess the loss of life and property. At the same time, the United Nations has reported that people have been injured and some health centers, homes, rural roads and highways have been damaged by falling buildings or debris.

Located along the "Ring of Fire" PNG

Papua New Guinea is often hit by earthquakes because it is located along the "Ring of Fire" in the Pacific Ocean. In 2018, a powerful earthquake that struck the country's remote highlands killed more than 60 people, destroyed homes, caused landslides and damaged a large gas plant. According to ANI, around 22 7.5 magnitude earthquakes have been recorded in New Guinea since 1900.