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CM Hemant Soren's instructions to the officials, make a plan of two and a half thousand crores to deal with drought

Pankaj Prasad
CM Hemant Soren
CM Hemant Soren

CM Hemant Soren held a meeting with the officials yesterday in which the measures to deal with the drought were discussed.

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren has directed the departments to prepare a plan of two to two and a half thousand crore rupees to deal with the drought. The meeting of the Disaster Management Authority was held on Monday under the chairmanship of CM. On this occasion, the measures to deal with drought and the issues related to it were discussed. In the meeting, Secretaries of departments like Disaster Management, Agriculture, Drinking Water, Education and Food Supplies etc. were present.

On the occasion, the CM said that the ban on raw works of MNREGA should be removed soon, so that people can get employment. Instructions were given to issue five lakh new ration cards. The CM said that food grains should be made available to the ration card holders. Instructions were also given to build one lakh wells and ponds each.

Pay special attention to animals:

CM has asked to make a special plan for Gopalkas. Instructions have been given to promote rural agricultural products and to provide fair price to the producers. Drinking water crisis arises due to drought, so to maintain normal drinking water supply through tankers or other means, arrangements have been asked to ensure that from now on. Students have been instructed to give scholarships on time.

Start five new schemes in every village

CM said that at least five new schemes should be started in every village, so that migration can be stopped. The deepening of unpaved roads, ponds, bunds in fields, water bodies and water sources should start soon. Pension distributed by the 5th of every month. There are 31 lakh pensioners in the state and eight lakh new applications have come.