Super Earth Exoplanet: Apart from Earth, humans can also live on these two planets!

Amit Kumar Jha
Scientists Have Discovered Two Exoplanets
Scientists Have Discovered Two Exoplanets

Scientists have discovered two exoplanets outside their solar system. Now scientists believe that there is a possibility of humans living on these two exoplanets.

Scientists Have Discovered Two Exoplanets: Scientists have been doing research for a long time in this direction that they can settle human civilization on another planet. The process of research progressed and now scientists have claimed that they have discovered two such exoplanets, on which the possibility of survival of humans is strong. Before proceeding further, let us know what are these exoplanets? In the language of science, the term exoplanet is used for those planets, which are outside our solar system and revolve around another star, that is, their sun is another.

Know which are those planets

The two planets that scientists have discovered are 100 light years away from us. Astrophysicist Letitia Delrez was leading this discovery. His team included scientists from all over the world. One of these planets has been discovered with the help of Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS - Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), whose name is LP 890-9b and the other planet that is being talked about has been discovered with the help of this first planet. And the name of this planet is LP 890-9c. It is being told that it is about 40 times bigger than Earth. Along with this, the first planet that was told that LP 890-9b has increased almost three times from Earth. The SPECULOOS telescopes were also used for this discovery. 

Why scientists saw the possibility of life

Scientists believe that the temperature of the star around which this planet is revolving is half that of the Sun. Therefore, there may be a possibility of life on the nearby planet LP 890-9c and it is easier for humans to develop the atmosphere there. Let us tell you that NASA's Artemis 1 mission is also working in this direction. Artemis 1 mission has been postponed due to fuel leak. The next launch date of the Artemis 1 mission has been fixed for 23 September. China's Chang'e mission is also somewhat similar to Artemis 1, for which it recently got permission. Many such missions will be seen in the coming days, but we know that humans need the same atmosphere as Earth to survive on any other planet.