Attempts to infiltrate the army with fake certificates in Bareilly, the Army Recruitment Board caught the accused

Pankaj Prasad
Agniveer Relation quota recruitment
Agniveer Relation quota recruitment

The army caught hold of both the youths of Agra while taking biometric fingerprints.

Two youths have tried to infiltrate the army. After investigating the matter, the army officers handed over the two youths to the Cantt police station. After this the investigation of the case has started. In the initial investigation of the police, both the youth wanted to become Agniveer with fake certificates. However, the youths have spoken of putting up fake certificates in their aspiration to become Agniveer.

In the Agniveer Relation quota recruitment organized at the Jat Regiment Center located in the Bareilly Military Area, two youths had come to see the recruitment by imposing fake certificates. The army caught hold of both the youths of Agra while taking biometric fingerprints. After investigation, the accused have been handed over to the Police Station Cantt for action. It is being told that after taking the biometric fingerprints of the youths, it was found that both the youths had seen army recruitment in the past as well. After getting the information, the army officers questioned both of them. In this, both of them had come to see the re-recruitment after preparing a fake certificate by changing the name, address and religion.

Army officials have handed over both the youths to the Cantt Police. Army Intelligence with Cantt Police is engaged in the investigation. The real name of one of the arrested youths is Arun Khan, who has hidden his real name and put a certificate in the name of Dharmaraj, while the other youth has given his name as Ranjit Singh. Ranjit Singh has come for recruitment in the army under the name Monu Chaudhary in 2021. Cantt police is engaged in the investigation of both the youths.