Sushil Modi files defamation case against minister Ramanand Yadav, appeals for punishment

Pankaj Prasad
BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi
BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi

Minister Ramanand Yadav had accused Sushil Modi related to land in Lodipur.

After the formation of the new government in Bihar, the allegations and counter-allegations between the leaders of the BJP and the Grand Alliance are intensifying. A few days ago, BJP's Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi was accused by Mines and Geology Minister Ramanand Yadav regarding the land of Christian Society in Lodipur. At the same time, now Sushil Modi has filed a defamation case against Minister Ramanand Yadav in this case.

defamation suit filed

MP Sushil Kumar Modi has filed a defamation case under sections 499 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code against the Minister of Mines and Geology, Ramanand Yadav in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Patna and has urged the court to file a defamation case against the Minister Ramanand Yadav. After issuing a warrant of arrest, the trial should be started by making them present in the court and punished.

Case related to Lodipur

Let us inform that Ramanand Yadav had alleged in the press conference after becoming a minister that Sushil Modi had used his power as Deputy Chief Minister in Lodipur, Patna to build the mall even after he was defeated by the court on the land of Christian Society. Ramanand Yadav had also accused the Christian society of forcibly occupying the land of Sabzibagh and making Khaitan Market.

Sushil Modi tweeted the information

At the same time, Sushil Modi has tweeted this information. It is also written that RJD MP and national spokesperson Manoj Jha and Chittaranjan Gagan had also made similar allegations against whom a defamation case was filed. Recently, taking cognizance of this, the court has summoned both of them.