This will be Europe's high speed rail network, France presented the plan of the future

Amit Kumar Jha
France presented the plan of the future
France presented the plan of the future

The travel of the future in Europe is going to change. Work is underway in France on a version of the new advanced high-speed train.

France TGV unveils high-speed trains: The travel of the future in Europe is going to change. Work is underway in France on a version of the new advanced high-speed train that is currently nowhere to be found in the whole of Europe. It is also being said that through this high-speed rail journey, not only France but also the whole of Europe will see a big change in the rail system. In fact, recently the French railway company SNCF and train manufacturer Alstom (ALSTOM) have unveiled the first complete TGV M Train, which is the next generation high-speed double-decker train. 

What is special in this train so that tourists from all over the world will have a different feeling by sitting in it.

The engine of this high speed train is like an aerodynamic nose. The world class travel that has been claimed to be carried with it in the remote areas of France, it has been claimed that this train will not only save the time of the people but will also save the trouble due to the crowd due to being double decker. 

Its manufacturing company ALSTOM has termed this new train as the 'TGV' train of the future. Here TGV stands for Train Grand Vitesse, which means High-Speed ​​Train. The premiere of its new and luxurious design, that is, operation in the network of Paris Railway, will start in the year 2024. At the same time, in the next 10 years, this convenient train will run all over France with ferrets.

TGV is counted among the most popular high-speed train brands in the world. The company has been a major attraction for rail travelers in Europe since the early 1980s. In the year 2018, the French state-owned railway company SNCF ordered TGV to build 100 such TGV M trains at a cost of 2.7 billion euros, or about $ 2.7 billion. Four years later, in August 2022, 15 more trains were ordered to be prepared in this consignment. It is being said that the coaches of this train will be bigger and better, which will make the comfort level of the passengers feel like traveling in a plane.

According to the report published in CNN Travel, most of the trains of this fleet of the company will operate within France. At the same time, Alstom spokesman Philippe Molitor said that the 15 additional trains that were ordered to be built will run in Europe i.e. internationally on the railway network of other countries under the direction of France. The company said that the speed of this train will initially be 350 kilometers per hour. One of its specialties is that these are such high speed trains, which reach their destination while consuming less energy.