In the SCO summit, India told Pakistan truthfully, then Bilawal was shocked, said this in a rage

Pankaj Prasad
Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit is being held in India next year.

In the SCO summit, India fiercely classed Pakistan. PM Modi strongly reprimanded Pakistan for transit trade. PM Modi said that member countries should give transit rights to each other. At the same time, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto went to Bilbila after hearing India's candid words in the summit. Bilawal said that he has not asked for any help from India. He said that we are trying to help our people. Many people have come forward to help as a human being.

Said this about the conference to be held in India: At the same time, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit is being held in India next year. Even on this, Pakistan is not shying away from showing its hollow arrogance. Foreign Minister Zardari said that the SCO meeting is being held in India next year, we have not had any talks on participating in it yet. No decision has been taken yet.

At the same time, regarding the transit trade, Bilawal said that he does not think that the PMs of Pakistan and India have contradicted each other on this issue. He said that all the participants of this conference want transit business. Bilawal said that we hope that Pakistan will be out of the list of FATF. We want to tackle terrorism. This is our priority not because of FATF but for the people of Pakistan and also for our own resolve.

Significantly, in the SCO summit, India had reprimanded Pakistan and said that the member countries should give each other the right of transit. At the same time, after PM Modi's reprimand for obstructing aid for Afghanistan, we make a strong connectivity plan by Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Shahbaz said that the countries of Central Asia will be within the scope of that connectivity.