After 7 months of the war, Putin has finally opened the secret

Amit Kumar Jha
Russia Ukraine War Latest Updates
Russia Ukraine War Latest Updates

On what condition will Russian President Vladimir Putin agree to end the war with Ukraine? This question has been bothering the world.

Russia Ukraine War Latest Updates: Why Russia led by Vladimir Putin started war with Ukraine. On what condition will they be ready to end this war? These 2 questions are troubling the whole world since last 7 months. Now Russian President Vladimir Putin himself has answered these questions for the first time. Putin, who arrived in Samarkand, the capital of Uzbekistan, to attend a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, told his target and the condition, after which he could be ready to end this war. 

'The liberation of the eastern Donbass is the main target'

Speaking to the media after the SCO summit, Putin said that the liberation of the entire eastern Donbas region of Ukraine is Russia's main goal. There is no change in this target and there is no need for it. Until Russia achieves this goal completely, the war is unlikely to stop. 

'Volunteer soldiers are fighting the war'

He warned Ukraine and said that Russian volunteer soldiers are currently fighting in this special military operation and regular soldiers are not currently involved in it. But if Ukraine attacks Russian bases, then the fighting will be expanded and regular soldiers will also join in. Ukraine should know its consequences.

'Ukrainian army within its limits'

Putin has warned the Ukrainian military that Moscow could intensify its attacks if it targeted power plants and other infrastructure in Russia. If they fail to understand our point, we will retaliate, he said. They should be ready to bear the brunt of it.

'We are in no hurry to end the operation'

When asked about the setbacks in the Ukraine war by the Russian army in recent days, Putin said that we are in no hurry. We will answer them and will not shy away from our responsibilities. He declined to give any timeline for the termination. Putin said that the operation is going on now. When all its targets are achieved, it will be abolished.