UK Queen Funeral: Queen Elizabeth II will be cremated like this, President Murmu also reached London

Pankaj Prasad
Britain Queen Elizabeth II
Britain Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen's funeral is to be screened free of charge in over 100 UK cinemas and parks.

Queen Elizabeth Death: The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is to be performed on 19 September. For this, screens are being installed in more than 100 cinemas and parks in the UK. At the same time, the President of India Draupadi Murmu has also reached London to attend the funeral. Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

President Murmu also attended

Rashtrapati Bhavan tweeted with a picture of Murmu, President Draupadi Murmu arrives in London to attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and offer condolences from the Government of India. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had visited the British High Commission here on September 12 to offer condolences on behalf of India on the death of the Queen.

Screening will be free in cinemas

The Queen's funeral is to be screened free of charge in over 100 UK cinemas and parks. Here, thousands of people are waiting in the cold winter in London for the last glimpse, which the authorities have also warned. Large numbers of people wish to bid their last farewell to the Queen at Westminster Hall of Parliament, where her coffin is kept.

Heads of many countries will be involved

Hundreds of soldiers from Britain's Army, Air Force and Navy will also take part before attending the final visit of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen's funeral procession will begin from Windsor Castle with a parade of soldiers, marching squads, bands etc. The funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey, which is expected to be attended by about 2,000 guests, including heads of state from various countries. Let us tell you that the Queen will be buried near her husband Prince Philip in Windsor. Prince Philip died last year.