Did not kill animals for fun, Ambika Singh gave this answer in India's last cheetah hunt case

Pankaj Prasad
Cheetah hunt case
Cheetah hunt case

Congress MLA and granddaughter of Raja Ramanuj Pratap Singhdev, Ambika Singh said that wild animals were not always hunted for entertainment.

After 70 years of extinction, once again cheetahs have arrived on the soil of India. PM Modi has left 8 cheetahs in Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. was. However, his granddaughter and Congress MLA Ambika Singh Deo has said that his grandfather never hunted cheetahs for fun.

Let me tell you, her grandfather passed away long before Ambika's birth. But since childhood, Ambika had heard many stories of her grandfather, in which there were many stories related to his hunting. Ambika said in this episode that in 1940, when her grandfather had gone away from the state, a man-eating tiger had created terror in the rural area. Ambika told that then her father had hunted that man-eating tiger. Ambika said that wild animals were not always hunted for fun.

Ambika said that the royal family never killed any animal for hunting or for fun. He said that the royal family has hunted only man-eating animals. At the time of hunting, British officers were also with him. Ambika said that just imagine how difficult it would have been to survive with so many wild animals in dense forest areas in those days. He said that no animal was ever killed for mourning.

At the same time, Ambika said that her grandfather had set up telephone lines in remote areas in the 1920s so that people living in villages and far flung areas could report animal attacks to government officials. He said that there are many Bihars in our area. At that time the forest was more dense. In such a situation, his grandfather had set up telephone booths in areas where there is no mobile signal today.