The pattern of questions will change in JAC Matric Inter exam, know how it will be different in comparison to year 2022

Pankaj Prasad
JAC Matric Inter exam
JAC Matric Inter exam

There will be a big change in the exam pattern of JAC Matric and Inter 2023.

Ranchi: There will be a change in the question paper pattern in the matriculation and inter-examination 2023. Preparation is complete. The exam will be taken in two terms like the year 2022, but the pattern of questions will be different. In the 40 marks exam, 30 marks questions will be of one mark each. There will be multiple choice questions of 20 marks. Apart from this, the candidate will have to answer five questions in one word each, and five questions in one line each. These questions will also be of one mark each. The total number of questions of one mark will also be 30.

Apart from this, three questions will be of two and a half marks, out of which the candidate will have to answer any two questions. Apart from this, one question will carry five marks. Two options will also be given to the examinee for the question of five marks. A question of 2.5 marks will have to be answered in five lines. The format of examination for both the term will be same. There will be an examination of 80 marks including both the term.

There will be an internal assessment of 20 marks. Internal assessment will be conducted in only those subjects in which there will be no practical examination. The subjects in which there will be a practical examination of 30 marks in Intermediate, in which the written examination will be of 70 marks. The syllabus is provided to JAC by JCERT. It will be released on the website.

Prepare five sets of model question papers

Five sets each model question paper has been prepared for the examination of Matriculation and Inter. A team of subject expert teachers was formed. The teachers have prepared the question paper and handed it over to JCERT. The JCERT model question paper will be made available to the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC). The model question paper will be released on the website of JAC.

Preparation for taking exams in November and March

The first phase examination will start in November end or first week of December, while the second phase examination will be held in March 2023. Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) will start the process of submitting the examination form by the end of this month or in the first week of October. In the examination of Matric-Inter, about eight lakh candidates appear in the examination every year.

Proposed Question Paper Patternย 

1 Mark

30 questions

2 and a half marks

2 questions

5 Marks

1 question

Question pattern was different in the year 2022ย 

In the year 2022 also, the exam was taken in two terms. All the questions in the first term examination were multiple choice. All the 40 questions asked in the exam were of one mark each. Whereas in the second term exam, multiple choice questions were not asked. Very short answer, short answer and long answer all questions were asked in the exam. This has been changed in the examination of the year 2023. Apart from matriculation and inter, the pattern of question paper can also be changed in the board examination of class IX, 11.

There was a change in the pattern in the year 2020:

Prior to this, in the year 2020 also, the question pattern was changed. After this the examination was not held in the year 2021, the pattern was changed again in the year 2022.