Meeting of NJCS was again inconclusive, there was no talk on bonus, union rejected the proposal of SAIL management

Pankaj Prasad
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Bokaro Steel Plant

The meeting of NJCS in New Delhi regarding bonus settlement ended in vain.

The meeting of NJCS held on Monday in New Delhi regarding bonus fixation of SAIL personnel including BSL ended in vain. Now the next meeting regarding bonus will be held on September 24. Rejecting the proposal of the SAIL management, the union in one voice demanded a bonus formula. Bonus not decided. In this meeting, SAIL management said that a bonus of Rs 22,000 will be given. At the same time, the union said that Rs 63,000 will be taken as a bonus.

opposition to union

As soon as the meeting started, like last time, a bonus of Rs 21,000 was spoken by the SAIL management, which the union strongly opposed. After the debate, the management proposed to increase the bonus by one thousand rupees to 22,000 rupees. Also, expressed his inability to pay more bonus than this. After this all the unions got angry. Said that the management should first formulate a formula to give bonus to the employees, then give bonus.

Employees get bonus in view of profit

The union said that considering the profit of the last financial year and the current financial year, the bonus amount should be given to the workers. A bonus of Rs 63,000 was demanded by the union. It was said that SAIL has made four times more profit this time. The bonus paid to the workers should also be four times higher (84,000). On the management's proposal of a bonus of Rs 22,000, the union demanded three times (63,000).

Formula for laborers on the lines of PRP

The union rejected SAIL management's offer of a bonus of Rs 22,000. Said that for any payment, a formula is needed. Therefore, for the decision of bonus payment, the management should decide the formula for the workers on the lines of PRP. Bonus should be paid on that basis. Due to lack of bonus formula, employees are incurring losses every year. Bonus is not available according to the profit of the company.

Rise in raw material prices cited

In the meeting, the management expressed its inability to give bonus of more than Rs 22,000 citing increase in the prices of raw materials in the international market. On this, all the unions, citing a private company like Tata Steel, said that the morale of the workers would remain high, only then there would be an increase in production and productivity. The company will earn maximum profits. There was a long debate about the bonus amount.

Next meeting will be held after talking to SAIL Chairman

On behalf of the management, it was said that the situation would be discussed with the chairman. The next meeting will be on 24 September. Director Personal and Director Finance from the management side, D Adinarayana and Ramashray Prasad Singh of AITUC from Union, Sanjeeva Reddy and Virendra Choubey of INTUC, Lalit Mohan Mishra and Vishwaroop Banerjee of CITU, Sanjay Wadekar and Rajendra Singh of HMS, DK Pandey of BMS. and Ranjay Kumar were present.

Highlights of the NJCS meeting

- D Adinarayana and Ramashray Prasad Singh on behalf of AITUC put forth a demand for bonus of Rs 60,000 on the lines of PRP and talked about making a formula for bonus
- Sanjiva Reddy of INTUC said that last year SAIL's profit was four times more Is. On that basis the bonus payment should be Rs 63000 as compared to last year
- DK Pandey of BMS said that there should be a formula regarding bonus. Workers should be paid a bonus of Rs 63000.