Jaipur Boy got a reward of 38 lakhs for telling the mistake of Instagram, know how this happened

Pankaj Prasad
Instagram error
Instagram error

Another Neeraj Sharma has done wonders. He came to know about his error when he reported Instagram's mistake to Facebook.

Neeraj Sharma, a student of Jaipur has received a reward of Rs 38 lakh from Instagram for saving the social media accounts of crores of people from being hacked. The report said that Sharma found a bug in Instagram that allowed thumbnails to be changed in any user's account without login and password. Sharma informed Instagram and Facebook about this mistake and if found correct, Neeraj Sharma has rewarded Rs 38 lakh for this work.

what is the Instagram error?

In this regard, Sharma told that there was a bug in Facebook's Instagram, through which the thumbnail of the reel could be easily changed from any account and no matter how strong the password of the account holder, the media ID of the account was to be changed. The need was enough.

Instagram report sent to Facebook

Neeraj said that in December last year, I started finding faults in my Instagram account. After much effort, on the morning of January 31, I came to know about the (bug) mistake of Instagram. After this I sent a report to Facebook about this mistake on Instagram at night and got a reply from them three days later. In which I was asked to share a demo.

38 lakh reward

Neeraj Sharma changed the thumbnail and showed him the mistake in five minutes. They approved his report and on the night of May 11, he got a mail from Facebook in which he told that he has been given a reward of $ 45,000 (about Rs 35 lakh). At the same time, in lieu of the delay of four months in giving the reward, Facebook also gave $ 4500 (about Rs 3 lakh) as a bonus.