Rajasthan: BJP worker in Alwar received threat of separation, commented on Gyanvapi case

Pankaj Prasad
Gyanvapi Masjid case
Gyanvapi Masjid case

In the letter, a punishment of Gustakh-e-Rasool has been mentioned, 'Sar Tan se Juda, Sar Tan se Juda'.

In Rajasthan's Alwar district, on Monday, a BJP worker has received threats to behead his body. A woman worker of BJP, living in an apartment in Sadar police station area, received a letter threatening to carry out an incident like Udaipur. Alwar Superintendent of Police Tejaswini Gautam told that the woman has found a letter near the pot of the house.

Threatening letter found on the window of the house

Police told the media in this regard that this threat has been made through a letter at the house of BJP worker Charul Agarwal, who lives in Tower 3 in Shalimar Awas Yojana Extension, Alwar. He said that a preliminary inquiry is being conducted in this regard. He said that from the handwriting of the letter, it appears that the letter has been written by a child. The police is investigating through the CCTV footage installed in the apartment.

Threat to execute an incident like Udaipur

In the letter, the woman has been threatened to carry out an incident like the Udaipur incident. According to the police, a sentence of Gustakh-e-Rasool has been mentioned in the letter. At the same time, the police told that a few days ago a BJP worker had put a post on Facebook regarding the Gyanvapi Masjid case, adding that the police is investigating the incident.

Charul has done M.Tech from IIT Delhi

Giving information about this incident to the police, BJP worker Charul Aggarwal said that on Monday morning my husband was going to drop the child to school, when an envelope was found on the window near the lift. When the husband picked up the envelope and read the letter, it was written that the head was separated from the body, and 56 pieces were written in it. Let us tell you that Charul did his M.Tech from Delhi from IIT Delhi. has done.