Nitish Kumar gave appointment letter to 4325 revenue workers, reminded the demand for special status

Pankaj Prasad
Appointment letter to revenue workers
Appointment letter to revenue workers

Nitish Kumar has given appointment letters to 4325 revenue workers.

Nitish Kumar has given appointment letters to 4325 revenue workers. His job is in the Revenue and Land Reforms Department. We had reported that 4225 revenue workers would get their appointment letters on Tuesday. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave the appointment letter to him in a program organized in the convention building today. On this occasion, he reminded of the demand for special status to Bihar. He said that Bihar has the highest number of land dispute cases. 60 percent of the murders take place in land disputes. It needs to be seen. Not all men are fine. Police is doing their job.

Media only promoting Delhiites

Making a big attack on the BJP and the central government, the Chief Minister said that many good and better works were done in Bihar. But the media in the country only propagates the people of Delhi. A livelihood group has been formed for the upliftment of women in the state. Nothing will be better than that the women of the state should stand on their own feet. He said that all the problems of the people in the state would be resolved.

2700 more posts will be reinstated

Nitish Kumar said that the workload is on the revenue employees. Everything is in the state. Only youth have to be given employment. He will soon be reinstated in 2700 more posts in Bihar. All the problems related to the land will be solved. Land survey work is being done at a fast pace. Regarding criminal incidents, he said that not all men are fine. There is confusion in the state. People's job is to speak - we will continue to work.

The first state which gave reservation to women in civic elections

Nitish Kumar said that Bihar is the first state where women were given reservation in municipal and panchayat elections. He said that the government is working for women. We worked for the education of girls. On population control, he said that girls are getting educated. In such a situation, the fertility rate is decreasing by itself. He said that work is being done vigorously in the state. He told the youth not to fall prey to the hoax, the government would give a job, to avoid wrongdoing.