Nitish Kumar took the decision in the cabinet meeting, there will be reinstatement on 8000 posts

Pankaj Prasad
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar

In the cabinet meeting held under the chairmanship of Nitish Kumar, important decisions have been stamped.

A cabinet meeting was organized on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Nitish Kumar. 16 important proposals were stamped in the meeting. In this, the creation of 7951 posts in all the important departments has been approved. In this, maximum number of posts have been created in the health department. Along with this, the proposal to open OBC + 2 Girls High School in 12 districts of Bihar has also been approved. Hostel arrangements will also be made in all schools. At the same time, more than Rs 556 crore will be spent for the construction of a residential building for the backward and most backward welfare. This will also create employment on a large scale. Along with this, 6450 students will get benefits at the village level.

There will be an increase in the number of flights in Gaya

Airplane fuel (ATF) will be cheaper in Gaya. The rates of VAT levied on ATF by the state government have been drastically cut. VAT on ATF has been reduced from 29 percent to 4 percent. This will increase the number of domestic and international flights at Gaya airport. Along with this, it has also been agreed to give Rs 15 crore to Bihar Public Administration and Rural Development Board for the training center set up in Gaya. 46 crore has also been approved for the construction of 4 housing blocks of 20 units and community center in the judicial residential complex of Gaya.

Medical colleges will be opened in Chhapra and Samastipur

Necessary permission will be taken by the state government to allow admission of 100 MBBS students in Government Medical College and Hospital Chapra and Samastipur. In the cabinet meeting, Rs 62.18 crore will be spent in the election of Municipality and Municipal Corporation. Along with this, the Disaster Management Department will have its own cadre from the point of view of disaster management. In the meeting, it was decided to give the Regional Science Center to Bihar Council on Science and Technology while stamping the proposals of the Department of Science and Technology.