Friendship on Instagram, rape in hotel, Aligarh student arrested by Jammu and Kashmir Police

Pankaj Prasad
Minor raped in hotel
Minor raped in hotel

Jammu and Kashmir Police has arrested the accused who raped a minor resident of Jammu on Instagram and then called him to the hotel.

A law student from Aligarh befriended a minor from Jammu on Instagram. The friendship of both gradually turned into love, then one day the young man called the minor to the hotel and raped her and fled. After this, the young man who came to take the Aligarh examination was arrested by the police of Jammu and Kashmir from the college and took him with him.

Minor raped in hotel

Gandhi Park Inspector Ravindra Kumar Dubey told that, according to the information received from Jammu and Kashmir Police, Chandaus resident Jitendra Raghav is a student of BA.LLB in DS Degree College. On Instagram, he became friends with the minor daughter of an army personnel from Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir. The closeness of both of them increased on Instagram itself. In the month of June, the young man invited the minor to a hotel in Jammu on the pretext of marriage. The young man raped in the hotel and fled from there by making an excuse.

Police arrested the youth who came to take the examination

After the youth escaped from the hotel, the minor told the whole matter to his family members, in the case, a case was registered against the accused in the police station Bari Brahmana of Samba district under the rape and POCSO Act. The police of Jammu and Kashmir contacted the police station Quarsi of Aligarh and caught the accused in DS Degree College, who came to take the examination. The victim recognized the accused. The Jammu and Kashmir Police took the youth with them.