A minor newly married couple committed suicide by consuming poison in Sahibganj, married three months ago

Pankaj Prasad
Minor newly married couple committed suicide
Minor newly married couple committed suicide

A minor newly married couple committed suicide by consuming poisonous substance in Sahibganj.

Suicide in Jharkhand: After vowing to live and die with each other, within just three months of marriage, the husband and wife, resident of Burman Colony, Rajmahal, committed suicide by consuming poison. Late on Monday night, Burman Colony resident Nitesh Mahto (17) - father Vijay Mahato and his wife Champa Kumari (16) ate poisonous substances. After this, both were admitted to the sub-division hospital in an unconscious state at around 1:30 pm. When their condition deteriorated, doctors started their treatment. But Nitesh died during treatment. After this Champa was referred to Sadar Hospital. In a hurry, the family took him to Sahibganj, where he also died in the course of treatment.

After marriage, Champa was living in in-laws' house

According to the family members, after the marriage in the temple, the girl was living in the in-laws' house for the last three months. A few days ago, Champa Kumari had come to her maternal home in Madhusudan Colony. There was a dispute going on after coming back to the in-laws' house. Relatives told that even on Monday evening, when there was a dispute between the husband and wife about something, both tried to eat poison. The relatives explained to both of them and threw the toxic substance.

Both died by consuming poisonous substanceย 

The boy's father told that the door of the son-daughter-in-law's room was open at one o'clock last night. When he entered the room fearing something untoward, he saw that both were lying unconscious on the bed. It is suspected that both may have consumed poisonous substance. The body was taken over by the police. The post-mortem of the young man's body was done at Rajmahal sub-divisional hospital at around three o'clock, while the post-mortem of Champa's body was done at Sadar Hospital in Sahibganj.

Action will be taken after the post mortem report comes

At the same time, Rajmahal police station in-charge Praneet Patel said that under what circumstances the minor newlyweds committed suicide. It is being investigated. Further action will be taken after the post-mortem report is received.