Jharkhand: 9,827 surplus employees in BCCL, paying Rs 700 crore annually

Pankaj Prasad
Surplus employees in BCCL
Surplus employees in BCCL

About 34000 employees work in BCCL, a subsidiary of Coal India.

Coal India: About 34000 personnel work in BCCL, a subsidiary of Coal India. Among them are such employees, to whom the company provides all the facilities including salary without taking any work. In the eyes of the company, these workers are surplus. The figures released by BCCL for the manpower budget for the financial year 2022-23 say that there are 9,827 employees surplus in the company. Meaning that at present, more personnel are employed than the sanctioned post.

700 crores spent annually on surplus employees

The company spends Rs 55-60 crore every month on these. This annual average expenditure is around Rs 700 crore. Let us tell you that in the 388th board meeting, BCCL had discussed reducing the surplus manpower working here. Apart from giving VRS to such employees, there was talk of transfer in subsidiaries of Coal India. If the company is to be believed, applications have been sought from employees willing to transfer in other companies including NCL, SECL and MCL. The process of making about 2000 personnel of the general working class as security guards is going on.

No work, sitting and raising salary

Of the surplus manpower, maximum 4,576 workers belong to the general working class. Except Barora area, general laborers are surplus in almost all the areas. According to the data of financial year 2022-23, BCCL has maximum 1952 surplus manpower in Katras area, while 1797 in Bastakola area, 1428 in PB area, 1182 in EJ area, 1147 in Kusunda area and 1127 in Lodna area. At the same time, 69 in the company headquarters Koyla Bhawan, 375 in Barora area, 193 in Block-Two area and 323 in WJ area are less than required.

How much manpower surplus in which financial year

Financial Year Surplus Manpower

2022-23 9,827

2021-22 10,620

2020-21 7,387

2019-20 3,000

2018-19 4,004

How much surplus manpower in which area

Area Surplus Manpower

Barora -375

block-to -193

Govindpur 575

Katras 1952

Sijua 510

Kusunda 1147

PB 1428

Bastakola 1797

load 1124

ej 1182

CV 681


Washery Division 391


total 9827

How many surplus general laborers in which area

Area Manpower Sanctioned Surplus

Barora 219 255 -36

Block-to 162 108 54

Govindpur 637 170 467

Katras 730 152 578

Sijua 330 123 207

Kusunda 645 135 510

PB 402 92 310

Bastakola 834 160 674

Lodna 697 127 570

ej 359 101 258

CV 505 122 383

WJ 212 137 75

Washery Division 197 77 120

HQ 638 232 406

Total 6567 1991 4576

who is responsible?

The employees are ready to work, but the management does not want to take the work. Underground mines were deliberately closed one after the other citing DGMS. This is the reason why the company has a manpower surplus.

Ramdhari, General Secretary, DCKS

Due to the policy of the present government, the employees in BCCL are being told as surplus, while the company needs more than one lakh employees. If the closed mines are opened then they will have to be restored.

AK Jha, Union Secretary, INTUC

Increase in outsourcing has resulted in manpower surplus. Employees are willing to work. Mines are being closed and outsourced. If resources are available, workers will produce more than outsourcing. Coal theft will also stop.

Arup Chatterjee, JBCCI Member cum General Secretary, BCKU