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IB and Special Branch are keeping a close eye on the program of the Home Minister in Purnia

Pankaj Prasad
Amit Shah
Amit Shah

The IB and Special Branch will keep a close watch on the program of the Home Minister in Purnia.

Extensive security arrangements have been made for the program organized by the country's Home Minister Amit Shah at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Purnia on Friday. The district administration is also vigilant about the security of the Home Minister. A meeting was held with the DM-SP at the Chunapur Military Airport regarding the security, with the Station Commander of the Military Airport and senior officers of the CRPF.

security meeting

Many officials including Sadar SDM and Sadar SDPO were involved in the meeting. During this, the route for the Home Minister to reach the military airport and reach Indira Gandhi Stadium by road was discussed. Barricading at sensitive places and construction of drop gates to prevent obstruction to the main road were also discussed. There was a discussion about the comprehensive safety of the roadway. Here, according to intelligence, Home Minister Z will attend Purnia's program amidst security. About two hundred CRPF personnel are being deployed in their security. Apart from the security commandos of the Home Minister around the meeting place, CRPF personnel will do with state-of-the-art weapons.

IB and special branch have an eye

Here the team of IB and Special Branch is monitoring all the situations in Purnia regarding the program of the Home Minister. Outsiders and suspicious persons are being interrogated. On Wednesday, the meeting place and stage of Indira Gandhi Stadium were checked with metal detectors. Apart from this, two gates are being built separately in the stadium to reach the meeting place. People entering from here will have to pass through a metal detector.

Police is circling the stadium

From time to time, the patrolling of K.hat police station is seen circling the police stadium. Night patrolling has been intensified by the police of K.Haat, Madhubani Top, K.Nagar and Maranga police stations. Especially the police of K. Nagar police station is continuously patrolling the outskirts of the military airport. For the security of the Home Minister, all the hotels and lodges in the city have been investigated. Apart from this, vehicles are also being checked. Impenetrable security arrangements have been made for the arrival of the Home Minister to Purnia.