The political heat of Amit Shah's Seemanchal tour in Patna, RJD-BJP 'play' of counter-attack begins

Pankaj Prasad
Amit Shahs Seemanchal tour in Patna
Amit Shahs Seemanchal tour in Patna

Amit Shah addressed the public sentiment rally in Purnia.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is in Bihar on a two-day visit. On the first day, Amit Shah addressed the public sentiment rally in Purnia. Amit Shah's rally is being held in Seemanchal area. But the heat of this political rally is being seen in Patna, the capital of Bihar. While addressing the rally in Purnia, Amit Shah appeared in attacking mode on Lalu Yadav and Tejashwi, including the CM of Bihar. Now RJD's state president Jagdanand Singh has retaliated on the home minister's statement, making a scathing attack. He said that 'BJP has no shame'

Jagdanand lashed out at the back stabbing statement

Let us tell you that while addressing the public sentiment rally, Home Minister Amit Shah had called Nitish Kumar a fraud. Objecting to this statement, senior RJD leader Jagdanand Singh said that Nitish Kumar has not stabbed anyone in the back, but BJP has done the work of stabbing Bharat Mata in the stomach and back.

'These people are the ones who believe in Godse'

The state president of RJD further said that the people of BJP are believers of Godse. These people are the killers of Gandhi and now they are killing Gandhi's thoughts too. He further said that we will not allow this dream of BJP to be fulfilled at all. Referring to Lalu Yadav, the RJD leader said that Lalu Prasad kept fighting with him throughout his political life. He also made many sacrifices.

JP also mentioned

Referring to JP, Jagdanand Singh said that the student movement of Gujarat was over. Even at that time Gujaratis had called JP. Bihar gave strength to JP and change took place in the country. Mahatma Gandhi from Gujarat also came to pay obeisance to the land of this Bihar. made him a Mahatma. Bihar is his karmabhoomi. Whereas BJP Gandhi's killers are people who believe in Godse.