Dengue continues to wreak havoc in Bengal, KMC worker's leave canceled, doctors get roster duty

Pankaj Prasad
Dengue wreak havoc in Bengal
Dengue wreak havoc in Bengal

Dengue continues to wreak havoc in West Bengal.

Dengue continues to wreak havoc in West Bengal. There is only a short time left in Durga Puja. Preparations have been started from the Health Building to keep dengue under control during Durga Puja. The health department has taken several steps to alert the health department before the puja. They have decided to cancel the leave of health department doctors and give them 'roster duty' during the puja. The state government's puja holiday will start from 30 September to 10 October. But the doctors will have to work according to the roster. At the same time, the leaves of KMC personnel have also been canceled during Durga Puja.

Councilors will have to pay attention to cleanliness in their areaΒ 

State Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi has ordered to take all possible steps regarding dengue. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Dwivedi held a high-level meeting with the Health Secretary, Kolkata Municipal Corporation Commissioner, District Magistrates and health officials of the district. During the meeting, the Chief Secretary told the Kolkata Municipal Corporation officials that meeting with each councilor would have to be taken to get information about their area. You have to plan accordingly. During the worship, lakhs of people will reach here in the metropolis. In such a situation, the entire metropolis will have to be cleaned before worship.

Health secretary will meet on next Wednesday

On Wednesday, State Health Secretary Narayan Swarup Nigam and Director of Health Services Department will hold a meeting with the health officials of the districts regarding the situation of dengue. According to the data, 604 dengue patients are admitted in various government hospitals of the state, while private hospitals. The total number of patients regarding this is 4224.

Drone surveillance in metropolis: Atin Ghosh

In view of the increasing outbreak of dengue in the metropolis, the employees of the Health Department will get leave of only three days. Drones are being monitored in places where it is difficult to reach. Through the drone, it will be seen where the water has accumulated. After this, spray will be done at those places.