Heavy Rain in UP: Rain wreaks havoc in Bundelkhand, 1500 houses fell in Hamirpur Mahoba Orai

Pankaj Prasad
Rain wreaks havoc in Bundelkhand
Rain wreaks havoc in Bundelkhand

The torrential rains for three days have caused huge destruction in Central UP and Bundelkhand.

Lucknow: Rain continues to wreak havoc in UP. It has been raining heavily in Bundelkhand for three days. As a result of this, there are reports of 535 houses falling in Hamirpur. In Rath tehsil, 112 people have been identified for compensation. Whereas in Orai, more than 700 houses collapsed in three days. Many people are also reported to have died in these accidents.

Animals also died due to heavy rain

In Jhansi, a young man died after being buried under the debris after a two-storey house collapsed. In Banda, Chitrakoot and Lalitpur also more than 20 houses are reported to have collapsed. Two people have died in Kanpur Dehat on Friday when a wall collapsed. More than 1500 houses have fallen due to rain in three days.

10 people died due to lightning

Lightning has fallen in some districts with heavy rains for three days. About 10 people have lost their lives due to this. A villager died due to lightning in Farrukhabad late on Thursday night. Three people have been reported dead due to lightning in Hardoi. Four died due to lightning in Prayagraj. At the same time, one each died in Firozabad and Aligarh.

65 houses got damaged due to rain in Sarila

In the torrential rains in the Sarila area of ​​Hamirpur district in the past days, 65 houses have been reported from the villages of different areas of the tehsil area in the government data so far. The same three buffaloes and 29 goats have died due to being buried under the rubble of the house. In which a buffalo has died due to lightning. Deputy Collector Khalid Anjum said that according to the survey report, 65 houses have fallen.

1348 farmers' crops were ruined

Survey is being done which houses are residential and which are non-residential. The crop of 1348 farmers of the same area has also been damaged. Help is being given to all. Ramprakash's buffalo worth sixty thousand has died due to lightning in Jawaharpurwa Dera, Majra Jawaharpurwa Dera of Bheri Danda. Santosh's buffalo has died due to the fall of the wall in Karaundi. Ratan Singh's four goats were killed in Kadaura, five were injured. All aid has been approved.