Machine being imported from China for Patna Metro tunnel, construction of tunnel will start near Gandhi Maidan

Pankaj Prasad
Patna Metro tunnel construction
Patna Metro tunnel construction

Tunnel is being built under the ground for Patna Metro track.

Patna metro: Route has been fixed for underground metro station and track in Patna and underground stations are to be built at Rajendra Nagar, Moinulhaq Stadium, Patna University, PMCH, Gandhi Maidan and Akashvani. A tunnel is being built under the ground for the metro track. Tunnel boring machine is needed for tunneling. Which is not available in India. In such a situation, the tunnel boring machine is being imported from the neighboring country of China.

Tunnel will come out of Patna University

The work of building a metro tunnel will be started from near Moinul Haque Stadium and the tunnel will come out near Patna University. In the second phase, an underground tunnel will be built from Gandhi Maidan to Patna University. The foundation stone for the tunnel has been laid from Moinul Haque Stadium. This work will be completed in two years and 8 months. Which will enter Moinul Haq Stadium and will exit near Malahi Pakari.

The total length of the track will be 32 km

An interchange for Patna Metro is being built near Patna Junction and another interchange will come up at Khemnichak. The interchange at Patna Junction is an underground metro station and the interchange at Khemnichak is an elevated metro station. That is, it is being built above the ground. Corridor-1 and Corridor-2 together will make a total of 32 km long metro.

What is Tunnel Boring Machine?

Let us inform that in the past, the Chief Minister of Bihar had laid the foundation stone for the underground work of Patna Metro. After which the work is being done faster now. Slowly but surely the Patna Metro is now coming in its shape. Tunnel has to be made under the ground for the track. Tunnel boring machine is needed for tunneling. This is such a machine, which makes tunnel easily in a short time for laying the ground track. Tunnel boring machine for Patna Metro has been procured from China. This machine will reach Patna by December. After which the work can be done faster.

6 underground metro stations will be built

Patna will have 6 underground metro stations. These include Rajendra Nagar, Moinulhaq, University, PMCH, Gandhi Maidan and All India Radio. The total length of this corridor is 8.08 km. Let us tell you that the cost of the underground project of Patna Metro is Rs 1989 crore. Apart from this, 6 underground metro stations are also to be built under Corridor-1.

There will be five elevated stations

From AIR to Gandhi Maidan, PMCH, Moinulhaq Stadium, Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Malahi Pakhi via Khemnichak to Bairia Bus Stand. A metro depot will also be built in it. It will have five elevated and six underground stations. Its length will be around 8.08 km. It has underground stations at AIR, Gandhi Maidan, PMCH, University, Moinulhaq Stadium and underground stations at Rajendranagar. Let us inform that on December 29, 2021, the responsibility of design and construction of Corridor-2 was given to L&T Company. The civil work of this corridor has been completed.