So was the divorce of Charu Asopa and Rajeev a publicity stunt for Bigg Boss 16 The actress now told the truth

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Charu Asopa Rajeev Sen
Charu Asopa Rajeev Sen

Charu Asopa: Ever since Charu Asopa has canceled the divorce, there have been continuous reports that Rajiv and Charu's decision to divorce was just a publicity stunt.

Charu Asopa Reaction on Publicity Stunt: While new love started in Sushmita Sen's life, the news of bitterness in her brother and sister-in-law's relationship started. Even both were about to get divorced but suddenly both of them canceled the divorce and decided to live together. Meanwhile, there were also reports that Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen may come in 'Bigg Boss Season 16'. After the cancellation of the divorce of these two stars, there are reports that the news of both of them getting divorced was nothing but a publicity stunt for 'Bigg Boss 16'. Now Charu Asopa has broken the silence on these reports.

Said this on publicity stunt

According to the news, Charu Asopa has broken the silence on the news of a publicity stunt for Bigg Boss. The actress said- 'I am not giving any clarification. Don't know why you all are calling it a publicity stunt? When we told our lawyers about our decision, they gave us their wishes and said all the best. I don't understand at all why you guys are calling it a publicity stunt.  

We both came together for Gianna

Along with this, Charu Asopa while talking about her and Rajeev Sen's divorce said- 'When I was in Bhilwara, I decided to come back to Mumbai with Jiana and start life afresh. . A day before the court proceedings, Rajiv and I sat together and talked about many problems. During this discussion, many problems of both of us were resolved. Lord Ganesha wanted both of us to start a new marriage for Gianna.'