Mining traders were forced to work under Pankaj Mishra, these institutions deposited crores of rupees in the account

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Mishra
Pankaj Mishra

The stone merchant and lease holder of Sahibganj was compelled to work under Pankaj Mishra.

Ranchi: According to the investigation report of ED, Sahibganj stone trader and lease holder Pankaj Mishra was compelled to do business under dealer license. He used to sell stone chips and boulders earlier to Pankaj's dealership firm at a cheaper rate. After that, with the help of Pankaj's firm, he used to sell it to others at a higher price. The profits earned during this purchase and sale were deposited in Pankaj's account. Pankaj at first denied to recognize such people during interrogation, but later he accepted it.

Investigation found that other entities including Hathua Construction, Balaji Enterprises, Shiv Shakti Sai and Ganpati Enterprises deposited cash in Pankaj's bank account. Only Bhagwan Stone deposited Rs 4.87 crore in Pankaj's bank account. In the investigation, Pankaj at first refused to recognize Lord Bhagat, the owner of Lord Stone.

He later identified them as overseeing their business activities. Investigation found that Pankaj already had a mining lease. Later he took a 'dealership licence'. After this, using his influence, he forced the mining lease holders to sell boulders and stone chips to his 'dealership firm'.

Hathua Construction, registered in Patna, deposited 21.8 lakhs of profits in Pankaj's account, Ganpati 36.95 lakhs, Shiv Shakti 41.50 lakhs and Balaji 16.93 lakhs. During investigation in Sahibganj, it was found that stone chips and boulders are sent out from here on an average of 2000 trucks every day.

Stone traders were fond of expensive iPhonesΒ 

During the investigation of illegal mining in Sahibganj, it was found that stone traders were fond of expensive iPhones. During the investigation, 'iPhone-13 Pro' was found near Bacchu Yadav, an aide of Pankaj Mishra, 'iPhone-13 Pro' with Chhotu Yadav and 'iPhone-13 Pro' was also found with Bhagat Bhagat. In the investigation, the phones of these stone traders have been confiscated. The 'Face Time' application of the iPhone was used by these merchants to interact with each other while carrying out their illegal activities.