Personal loan can also be taken from Aadhar card, know here what is the whole process

Amit Kumar Jha
Aadhaar Card Personal loan
Aadhaar Card Personal loan

Many other similar works are also done with Aadhar card.

Aadhaar Card: Out of all the documents you have in today's time, if the most important Aadhar card is asked. So maybe nothing wrong with that. It is needed for small to big tasks. Whether it is to take a SIM card or to open an account in the bank etc. Many other similar works are also done with Aadhar card. But do you know that with the help of Aadhar card you can get a personal loan? Probably not, but it is because having this document makes your KYC done online and you can get personal loan sitting at home. So let's know about this...

Here is the mode of application:-

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is to open the bank app or loan app from which you want to take a loan. Then you login here.

Step 2

Now you have to go ahead and choose the personal loan option. Then choose your eligibility and also give information about the loan amount you need here.

Step 3

Now some information will be asked from you here. For example, fill other things like the name of the person taking the loan, home address, date of birth, salary, job or business here. Then you have to upload your documents like- photo, bank statement, salary slip etc. Now moving forward you have to do your KYC and that too online.

Step 4

The advantage of having Aadhar card here is that your work gets done quickly and sitting at home. Now you can get KYC done sitting at home by entering the OTP on the Aadhaar number and the number linked to it. Then after your loan is approved, the money also gets in your account.