In Bihar it will not be able to give this exam without taking booster dose, mandatory to have mask and sanitizer

Pankaj Prasad
Agniveer restoration process
Agniveer restoration process

Agniveer restoration process will start in Mazaffarpur district from November 2.

Agniveer restoration process will start from November 2 in Mazaffarpur district of Bihar. The Agniveer restoration process will take place at Chakkar Maidan in the city. In this, about 1.50 lakh candidates from eight districts including Muzaffarpur will participate. In view of the crowd, a special instruction has been issued to follow the Corona protocol 100% at the restoration site. During this, the candidates who arrive without the booster dose will not be included in the reinstatement. It has been made mandatory for the candidate to take first, second and booster dose. Along with this, they also have to keep the certificate with them. The no-corona certificate issued 72 hours before the day of reinstatement is also to be given. It is mandatory to have this certificate of District Hospital or Sadar Hospital. No-Corona certificate of private hospital will be considered invalid.

It will be mandatory to have mask and sanitizer

The candidates will have to follow social distancing at the Agniveer restoration site. Along with all the relevant documents, masks, sanitizers and globs will also have to be kept. Whoever does not have it will not be allowed to enter the restoration site. During this, the candidates will also have to maintain physical distance. The staff on duty at the Agniveer restoration site will be wearing masks and globs. It is also mandatory for the candidates, who will be required to bring transparent hand sanitizer, transparent water bottle, admit card and photo identity card in a transparent envelope only.

Know the salary of Agniveers

Agniveer will be made for four years. According to the notification of the army, the candidates will be recruited for 4 years under the Army Act 1950. They will also get 30 days leave every year. Along with this, leave will be given even if sick on the basis of medical advice. 30 thousand in the first year of service, 33 thousand in the second year, 36500 in the third year and 40 thousand rupees in the fourth year. Agniveers will also get service fund package, certificate and certificate of 12th equivalent qualification after completion of four years of service.