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The accused who threatened Mukesh Ambani was arrested from Darbhanga, arrested by Mumbai Police

Pankaj Prasad
Threat to kill Mukesh Ambani
Threat to kill Mukesh Ambani

India's second richest industrialist Mukesh Ambani has been arrested from Bihar's Darbhanga district for threatening to kill him.

India's second richest industrialist Mukesh Ambani has been arrested from Darbhanga district of Bihar for threatening to kill him. With the help of the local police station, Mumbai Police has arrested Manigachi from Brahmapura village. The accused has been identified as Rakesh Kumar Mishra, son of Sunil Kumar Mishra. Mumbai Police is interrogating Rakesh Mishra. Rakesh's father Sunil Kumar Mishra is working in Bihar Inter Council.

Police reached Rakesh's house in plain clothes

According to local sources, with the help of the local police station, the Mumbai Police reached the house of accused Rakesh Mishra in plain clothes. When Mumbai Police personnel reached Rakesh Mishra's house at around 4 pm on Wednesday, the main door of the house was closed. When the police knocked on the door, Rakesh Mishra opened the door.

mobile number identification

Meanwhile, the police called the number from which Mukesh Ambani had been threatened with death. As soon as the police dialed the number, Rakesh Mishra's mobile started ringing. As soon as Rakesh Mishra received the call on his mobile, the Mumbai Police personnel posted there arrested him. Darbhanga SSP has confirmed the arrest.

People of the locality are telling mental patients

After the arrest of Rakesh Mishra, sensation spread in the area. A crowd started gathering around Rakesh's house. People started questioning each other. Local people say that the accused Rakesh Mishra is a victim of mental illness. By the way, the Mumbai Police did not talk to anyone in this matter. Rakesh's family members have also not presented their side in this matter so far. Local police say that the investigation of the matter is going on. It will be known only after interrogation that why the accused has done this.

Mumbai DCP Nilotpal confirmed

Meanwhile, confirming the arrest, Mumbai DCP Nilotpal has said that the case of bombing Reliance Hospital and threatening to kill the Ambani family had come to the fore, 3 teams were formed for investigation and help from Bihar Police. Took. A 30-year-old youth has been arrested from Darbhanga. He will be produced in court. Further action is in progress.