Three-storey building collapsed in Kot area above Aligarh, rescue work started fast

Pankaj Prasad
Building collapsed in Aligarh
Building collapsed in Aligarh

DM Indervikram Singh has told that work is being done to remove the debris.

Β There was a stir in the area after a three-storey building collapsed in Kot area above Aligarh on Friday night. According to preliminary information, three people have been safely pulled out from the rubble. Treatment of the injured has been started. Top officials have reached the spot and rescue work is going on. DM Indervikram Singh has told that work is being done to remove the debris. According to the information received at the moment, there was a warehouse in this building. The building was in dilapidated condition. Whether any family lived in it or not has not been confirmed. All the injured are being treated.

According to the police, the old five-storey house was built in front of the people who were wearing the upper coat of Shakir locks. No one lived in the house as it was dilapidated. There used to be cracks under the house during the day. At the same time, destitute people used to sleep in the night time. The five-storey building collapsed at around 10.30 pm. In the accident, people who were sleeping under the house and passing by were caught in the grip. About a dozen people were buried under the rubble. DM Indervikram Singh, SSP Kalanidhi Naithani, ADM City Vivek Chaturvedi, SP City Kuldeep Gunawat, City Magistrate Pankaj Kumar Verma reached the spot. Among the injured, AMU personnel Akhtiyar Ahmed, Maulana Abdullah of Jamalpur Masjid and other injured were taken to the district hospital. Municipal officials made it clear in the night itself after the accident that this building is not included in the list of dilapidated buildings.