Meet Rishabh Shetty, the director of 'Kantara', he doesn't need pan India tag for his films

Pankaj Prasad
Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

Kannada film Kantara is in discussion these days.

After KGF and KGF Chapter 2, Kantara, another Kannada film of Hombale Production House, is also in the news these days . The Kannada version of this low-budget film was so successful that there was a demand for the film to be released in other languages ​​including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. After which the film had to be dubbed and released in other languages. Excerpts from his conversation with the film's actor and director Rishabh Shetty about the film and its success.

Your film is getting tremendous success, how are you celebrating this success?

We are not getting a chance to celebrate. The film was released in Kannada. We went on tours of the nearby theaters. Half the tour happened that I came to know that I have to dub in Hindi. The work of Hindi language did not end that Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam started again. Then I got busy in promotion.

What do you think is the USP of this film, which is being liked by all?

I have always believed that the more you are regional, the more universal you will be. We have shown the culture of my state Karnataka in the film. Well it is all over India. Yes, there are different types of cultures, but the core of it is the same. The sentiments of the whole of India are the same. Kola is a festival of Karnataka. Which is a positive spirit inside nature. Which goes inside the man and keeps his point. The conflict between nature and man is everywhere. That is what I have told in my film. Along with this, I want that our folk tales, culture, are indigenous stories related to the land. Even today's generation knows that. I am from a small village in my personal life, so I have grown up in the midst of all this.

How challenging is it to be an actor as well as a director of a film?

There have been many actors and directors before me. It doesn't get easy. You are directing a scene, then the very next moment you have to act in it. It's challenging, but I don't let anyone know.

At the time of making Kantara, did you ever come to mind that this film should be made in Pan India.

I didn't want the tag of pan India film. I wanted this film to reach the audience of Kannada. Release in Kannada only. After the release of the film, there was so much publicity from word of mouth that demand started coming from everyone. Anil Thadani ji is distributing it in Hindi. The film has been released in more than 2000 screens.

Are there any changes keeping in mind the Hindi audience?

There was no need for any change, because of the culture of Karnataka. It is like that all over India.

Will Pan India films be your focus after Kantara?

My focus has always been to do Kannada films. There is something like Homble film production. Which will take my film to the whole world. I believe it just happened.

These days Hindi films are not doing well at the box office, are Hindi films not showing their stories so success is being taken away from them?

The Hindi film industry has a huge contribution to the Indian film industry. It cannot be denied. Right now people are also getting the same question that our own stories are disappearing from Hindi films. Earlier Hindi cinema also used to have many routed stories. I recently saw a foreign series Viking, in that series a temple is shown in Whalala. What is his custom? She is very much like us. The Hindi film industry should first make a film for its people, not for world cinema. Most updated audience right now. Now is the time of the reels. The audience has no patience. If not a good story. They will move on.

Have you been a viewer of Hindi films?

Yes, Bachchan sahib is my all time favourite. I also like Salman Bhai.

your upcoming movies?

I have a film coming up called Bell Bottom. The film will be this part 2. Part One was released in 2019. (laughs) Our film came before Akshay Kumar. Apart from this, there is one more film.