Raid, semi-finished pistol seized in illegal arms factory in Jharkhand, two women arrested, case registered against nine

Pankaj Prasad
Illegal arms factory in Jharkhand
Illegal arms factory in Jharkhand

In the joint raid of Kolkata Police's STF and Mihijam Police, a large scale arms business has been exposed.

Arms factory was being operated in the basement of the house for a long time in Shehardal of Mihijam police station area of ​​Jamtara district of Jharkhand. Arms businessmen were carrying out this for a long time, while the local police did not even know about it. In the joint raid of Kolkata Police's STF and Mihijam Police, a large scale arms business has been exposed. 10 semi-finished pistols have been recovered from the spot. Police have registered a case against nine people, while two women Sabina Khatoon and Hasina Khatoon have been arrested from the spot. The arrested women are the wives of the main accused. Police Inspector Sunil Chaudhary gave information by holding a press conference at Mihijam police station on Saturday.

Big success for police

Riyaz Ansari alias Raju and Sarfaraz alias Laltu, the main accused of illegal arms business, are still out of the grip of the police. Police raided the two-storey residence of Shah Jahan Khan in Mihijam on the behest of arms smuggler Imtiaz Ansari of Kolkata STF. In this campaign that lasted till late night, a large number of tools and equipment, including machines, were used to make the police pistols.

Raids on the spot of arms smugglers

In the Mihijam police station on Saturday, Police Inspector Sunil Choudhary told a press conference that in the light of information received from the arrest of some arms smugglers by Kolkata STF, raids and searches were conducted at Shahjahan Khan's residence in Shahrdal. An arms factory was found in the basement of the two-storey house. There were all the arrangements for making pistols including lead machines, riling machines, grinding machines. 7 semi-finished pistols and parts and tools used in the manufacture of weapons have been recovered. Kolkata Police has taken 7 pistols recovered with them. In this sequence, in the light of the information, during the re-search in a tile house near the residential complex of Shahjahan Khan, 3 semi-finished pistols and its parts, a riling machine and a large number of iron leaves have been recovered.

delivery of weapons

Raju and Laltu used to deliver ready-made weapons to Kolkata, Chittaranjan railway station, Dhanbad and some cities of Bengal. This matter has come to the fore in the investigation of the police.