If I am guilty then punish me, confusion is a big punishment for Jharkhand: CM Hemant Soren

Pankaj Prasad
CM Hemant Soren
CM Hemant Soren

Chief Minister Hemant Soren has spoken on the policies, politics and current episode of the government during his interaction with the media.

If I am guilty then punish me. I am pleading with the governor to get punishment. Ever seen such an accused, who himself is pleading for punishment. Today, if I am eligible for punishment, sitting on a constitutional post and taking a decision, then whose responsibility is it. Despite this, I myself am demanding from the Governor that whatever punishment has been given by the Election Commission, he should be pronounced. On the other hand, the situation that the Governor is maintaining by not pronouncing the sentence is no less than a punishment for me. Today opponents talk about morality, but where has their morality gone in this matter. We are waiting for the governor's decision. Chief Minister Hemant Soren said these things during a conversation with the media on Saturday.

On the occasion, he spoke openly on government, politics and the current issue. CM said on the mines case that Hemant Soren will do a scam of 88 decimals of land, it is a matter to think about. If there is an allegation, then give punishment. Who has stopped. He said that many times after taking over the government, whatever errors come, they are rectified.

Those who are in this state and will come in future, they will also get rights

Regarding the 1932 Khatian, the CM said that no one needs to panic. The people who are in this state and who will come to the state even after 10 years, the government will take care of the rights of everyone. Keeping the rights of the tribal-indigenous people of the state safe, their rights will also be kept in mind. No one will be allowed to ask questions. No one will be entitled. He said that in the name of 1932 Khatian, there used to be bloodshed in the past, but this time everyone welcomed. People welcomed this decision with open heart.

Some political people are giving air to the Kudmi movement

On the ongoing movement to include Kudmi in the tribal, the CM said that some political people are giving more air to it. On OBC reservation, he said that by giving 27 percent, no one should have any feeling of insecurity. The classes that have the right will get it. A complete policy is being made for this. Even if 90 percent agree with the decision and 10 percent disagree, a solution will be found.

On 1932: Government will take care of the rights of all

The CM accused the central government of harassing non-BJP ruled states. He said that the central government is using its immense power to harass them immensely. But still he stands. The CM has raised doubts on the autonomy of the central investigative agencies. He said that at present, the decisions and actions of whatever central investigating agencies are there, it appears that someone is standing behind them. Taking a sarcasm, he said that in one district only stone has been accused of scam of one thousand crores. Then the Center should declare coal and iron as minor minerals and stone-sand as major minerals. Regarding getting the check from the house of his MLA representative, the CM said that it is all a legal matter and will answer legally only. He said that a grain of corn from whose house was not found was arrested,

The central government has Rs 1.36 lakh crore dues, the government was shocked on demand

On the disproportionate case against MP Shibu Soren and his family members, Hemant Soren said that legal issues are being answered through legal means. Some people do this under a political agenda. He said that the CM will do a scam regarding 88 decimil land, the person making such allegations should die by drowning in full water. Some tribals should come ahead of the deprived society and take care of the system, this is not being digested by many leaders of the opposition. The CM said that Rs 1.36 lakh crore of royalty is outstanding with the Center. The central government has been furious on the demand. The state will take it. But on the demand of this, Betal is left behind on the pretext of investigating agencies.

Wants to make youth self-reliant by giving loans for self-employment instead of unemployment allowance

CM Hemant Soren said on unemployment allowance that we are thinking beyond this. We want that instead of giving allowance, there should be an initiative to make the youth self-reliant. He should be engaged in self-employment or employment. Loans up to Rs 25 lakh are being given for self-employment. Youth are being made aware about this by organizing camps in panchayats and villages. Awareness is being made to take advantage of government schemes. For this, officials are going to the area up to the old mountain. On migration, he said that wherever people have to go for employment, they will go. But to stop the migration, a self-employment scheme has been introduced in the state. Nobody did anything for them for 20 years, but now they are doing it. Somewhere there will be light, only then the darkness will be removed.