Sourav Ganguly, who is stepping down from the post of BCCI President, is ready to become CAB President again

Pankaj Prasad
Sourav Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly is set to become the President of Cricket Association of Bengal once again.

New Delhi: The outgoing Cricket Board of India (BCCI) chief Sourav Ganguly will again return to the post of president of his state unit Bengal Cricket Association (CAB). The former Indian captain said on Saturday that he would contest the CAB elections. Ganguly had to step down from the post of BCCI president as no one in the board has held the post for more than three years so far. He was the CAB President for four years between 2015 and 2019 before becoming the BCCI President.

Ganguly confirms himself

Sourav Ganguly told PTI, 'Yes, I will contest the CAB elections. I plan to file my nomination on October 22. I had been in the CAB for five years and as per the rules of the Lodha recommendations, I can continue in this post for another four years. There was talk of Ganguly's elder brother Snehashish contesting for the top post in place of Abhishek Dalmiya but the nomination of the former Indian player would change a lot of equations.

Ganguly has been a part of last minute change

Ganguly said, 'I will decide my panel on October 20. lets see.' Events watchers feel that a lot will depend on what the BCCI decides regarding the ICC chairman. A senior BCCI official (with a close watch on events) said on the condition of anonymity, โ€œIt has always happened with Sourav that there has been a last minute change. In 2019, he had closely defeated Brajesh Patel for the post of BCCI President in which the equations changed at the last minute.

Nomination for the post of ICC President will be filled on October 20

He said, 'Don't forget that the nomination of the ICC chairman is also to be filled on October 20. Whether the decision of powerful people in BCCI changes or not, the question remains. At present, if BCCI's stand is seen, then the chances of Ganguly becoming the BCCI candidate for the post of ICC President are less than 10 percent. If BCCI officials have a change of heart, Ganguly as CAB president will continue to be relevant in the administrative corridors of the board as their representative in various board meetings.

Arun Dhumal rubbishes the rumors

But there are many equations that always work and clarity on this will come only after the BCCI's general annual meeting on October 18 in Mumbai. There were also rumors that Ganguly had decided to step down due to bitter circumstances, but Arun Dhumal, who became the chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL), refuted them in an interview to PTI.