Enjoy 400Mbps high speed internet for just Rs 599, even fiber installation will not cost money

Pankaj Prasad
Excitel Broadband
Excitel Broadband

The Indian telecom industry has grown a lot.

Excitel 400Mbps Fiber Broadband Plan: 5G services have been launched in India shortly before and it has also been started in many cities. But, at the moment it may take a long time to reach every nook and corner of the country. If you are looking for a service in which you get unlimited data and that too with a high speed of 400Mbps, then you can checkout the recharge plans offered by Excitel. In this, you will get a chance to use high speed internet at a very low cost. Let us know in detail about these recharge plans of Excitel.

Excitel Broadband Recharge PlansΒ 

Excitel recently added 4 new broadband recharge plans to its portfolio. In this, you have been provided with recharge options for minimum 3 months and maximum for a year. Now if you look at these recharge plans in detail, then for 3 months you will get Rs 833 per month, for 6 months Rs 699 per month, for 9 months Rs 659 per month and for 12 months you will get Rs. 599 will have to be paid accordingly. You can choose any recharge plan according to your convenience and budget.

How much will Excitel Broadband Installation cost?

Giving information about this service, the company said that- We will not charge any kind of any kind from the customers for installing this broadband. The connection is absolutely free but, customers will be given an ONU device from our side and for which they will have to deposit a security amount of Rs 2,000. The company further said that if there is any defect in this device, then we will fix this problem within 5 days. For information, let us tell you that if you spend a lot of time on OTT platforms, then no OTT support will be given in its basic plan. Users can subscribe to OTT platforms according to their needs.