Rani Chatterjee accused the contestant of Bigg Boss 16, Sajid Khan, said- called home and did dirty talk and this act

Pankaj Prasad
Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan
Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan seems to be getting caught in the #metoo controversy once again.

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan is once again caught in the #metoo controversy. This time too, Bhojpuri film actress Rani Chatterjee has made serious allegations against him. He said in an interview to a TV channel that seeing Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss gets very angry. Efforts are being made to clean Sajid's image through the Big Boss program. He told that he had contacted Sajid Khan during the film Himmatwala. During this, Sajid asked me to come home alone. Sajid told that this is a formal meeting. After going home, he asked me many obscene questions and even tried to touch me inappropriately.

Many actresses have made allegations of misconduct

Rani Chatterjee said that many girls have accused Sajid of misbehavior. Those days when I met Sajid, he directly asked me what is my bra size. How many times a day do I have sex? Not only this, he tried to touch me in a wrong way. When I protested, he became uncomfortable. Later I told this to my contractor. He told that she was scared. If she spoke against Sajid, people would not believe her, considering her as a Bhojpuri actor. However, after the #metoo started, when many girls spoke, I too dared.

Sherlyn Chopra also made serious allegations

Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra also made serious allegations against Sajid Khan. He had told that Sajid had asked him to give a rating by showing his personal part. Sherlyn Chopra gave this information at the beginning of Bigg Boss, tagging Salman Khan on Twitter. He had said that if Sajid had done this to any of his acquaintances, would he still have given him a chance to appear on the show. Sajid's troubles have increased once again after Rani's allegations. However, how this will affect his stay in Bigg Boss house, it has to be seen.