Vaishali Thakkar Died: Who is Rahul Navlani, who was torturing Vaishali Thakkar day and night.

Amit Kumar Jha
Vaishali Thakkar Died
Vaishali Thakkar Died

Vaishali Thakkar: One name is most discussed after Vaishali Thakkar's suicide. This name is Rahul Navlani. Know who is Rahul Navlani and what is his connection with Vaishali suicide.

Vaishali Thakkar Suicide: Vaishali Thakkar said goodbye to this world forever by hanging. The news of Vaishali's suicide has shook the TV industry. Vaishali, just 30 years old, was lively and cheerful. The proof of which is the Instagram of the actress which is full of her videos. But after the actress's sudden suicide move and suicide note, the name that is most discussed is Rahul Navlani. Know who is Rahul Navlani and what is his connection with Vaishali. Along with this, know how he was dissolving poison in Vaishali's life.

Rahul Navlani's disclosure from the diary

After the death of Vaishali Thakkar, the police is busy solving the mystery of this case. In this investigation, the police have found a diary from Vaishali's house, after opening it, the police came to know about the reason behind Vaishali's decision to commit suicide. In this diary, Vaishali has mentioned about Rahul Navlani.

Who is Rahul Navlani

Actually, this Rahul Navlani is none other than Vaishali Thakkar's ex-boyfriend. Which has been troubling Vaishali for many years. Vaishali was very upset with Rahul and she could not find any other way out of it. After which the actress took the step of committing suicide.

Rahul and Vaishali's father are friends.

Rahul Navlani and Vaishali Thakkar's father are friends. Rahul and his father have a plywood business. Apart from this, both also do wholesale work. Along with this, Rahul also runs a firm under the name of Lamnets. Vaishali and Rahul have been living in the same society for the past 10-12 years. Although she knew that Rahul was in the wrong acts, but due to pressure, she did so.

Rahul is married, the

special thing is that Rahul Navlani is married. His wife's name is Disha. According to the news, Rahul had sent some photos of Vaishali to Vaishali's fiancee Abhinandan, after which the engagement of both of them broke. After this, Vaishali's marriage was to take place on October 20, 2022. But Rahul started doing this act again. Vaishali was afraid that Rahul would do the same thing to break the marriage this time too. Rahul had told Vaishali that he would never allow her to get married. The special thing is that Rahul's wife Disha also supported him in harassing Vaishali.