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Bihar DGP had come under the guise of a fake judge! The officer on leave was called by flight, asked to end the case

Pankaj Prasad
Bihar DGP SK Singhal
Bihar DGP SK Singhal

The fraudster who called the DGP of Bihar as a fake judge has made many shocking revelations.

IPS officer of Bihar cadre and then SSP of Gaya, Aditya Kumar was playing a big game with his vicious friend to end the case against him in the liquor case. That vicious tried to take the DGP of Bihar in his bluff and all this was done by becoming a fake Chief Justice. However, the whole game of Shati Abhishek came to the fore and he was also arrested. But IPS Aditya, who turned out to be the mastermind of this entire game, is now absconding. An FIR has been registered against them. At the same time, new revelations are being made.

DGP who was deceived by the fraudster

When the police caught Abhishek Agarwal, who called DGP SK Singhal as a fake judge, he spilled many secrets. He told that he is good friends with Aditya Kumar, former SSP of Gaya and the IPS trapped in the liquor case used him to avoid departmental proceedings against himself. Both of them conspired that the case should be hushed up by confusing the DGP. At the same time, the surprising thing is that the DGP had also fallen in the trap of fraudsters.

DGP also started getting worried

Vicious Abhishek Aggarwal made many shocking revelations during interrogation. He told that he had put the Chief Justice's DP on WhatsApp and used to call the DGP. He claims that the DGP had also fallen into his trap. They started thinking of him as the Chief Justice. Many times if he expressed his displeasure, the DGP would take time to call back.

Instructions to finish the case within two days

The top bureaucracy is perplexed as to how the DGP has come under "pressure" in this matter. DGP SK Singhal had come under the pressure of Abhishek Agarwal, who called as the Chief Justice of Patna High Court, that the IG had called for prohibition of alcohol and directed to finish the case registered against Aditya Kumar within two days.

Officer on leave called by flight

The speed in this case was such that an officer involved in the investigation of the case, who had gone for a holiday in Chennai, was called within a few hours from the plane. On the basis of the mistake of law, the SSP was acquitted. This entire incident is being told between September 10 and 15.