On the lines of CBSE schools, government schools will soon open in Jharkhand, CM Hemant Soren announced

Pankaj Prasad
Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren
Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren

CM Hemant Soren reached Koderma under the government's ambitious 'Aapki Yojana-Aapki Sarkar-Aapke Dwar' program.


Government schools will be better than private schools: CM Hemant Soren

CM Hemant Soren, who arrived at the government's ambitious 'Aapki Yojana-Aapki Sarkar-Aapke Dwar' program at Bagitand Stadium in Koderma, said that government schools will open across the state next year even better than private schools. Preparations are going on for this. Teachers are being given separate training for this. These schools will be run on the CBSE pattern and free education will be given to the children of the poor of the state in these schools.

CM counted the achievements of the government

While counting the achievements of the coalition government, CM Hemant put forward the vision, while without naming the BJP, targeted the opposition fiercely. The CM said that the governments that ruled Jharkhand for 20 years had ended the schemes in a closed room. Our government has delivered schemes where our eyes were not going. There was a situation of hunger in the previous government. Even after having a ration card in hand, he lost his life. They were not giving grains to eat, nor cloth to cover the body. We have changed this system. However, the outbreak of Corona came as soon as our government was formed. Despite the step-motherly behavior of the Center at that time, we continued the fight. No laborer of the state was allowed to die. There was an outbreak of Corona for the first two years.

Made a rule to give employment to 75 percent local people

He said that this year there is a challenge of drought. We will also deal with drought. The government's goal is to strengthen the rural economy. Keeping this in mind, the benefits of schemes are being extended from village to village. People strengthen themselves by taking advantage of various schemes. Said that Jharkhand is included in those selected states whose per capita income has increased even after the Corona period. All this is being done by monitoring the works and putting them on the ground. He said that till date the government has not made the rules of JPSC. We made rules and appointed 250 officers, of which 33 belong to BPL families. In the private sector, we have made a rule to give employment to 75 percent of the local people.

Savitribai Phule scheme mention

The CM said that our target is also to connect nine lakh girls with the Savitri Bai Phule scheme. So far 8.5 lakh applications have come in the camps organized by the government. Along with on-the-spot solutions to the problems, camps are being organized for making future action plans. Officers are reaching from village to village. Apart from CM, ministers Alamgir Alam, Satyanand Bhokta, MLA Umashankar Akela, Amit Yadav and others were present in the program.

Opposition is trying to harass by conspiring

CM Hemant was the attacker on the center. He said that the opposition is trying to harass me by hatching a conspiracy. During the Corona period, sometimes money was deducted in the name of DVC dues, sometimes in the name of some. Now there is continuous rhetoric that crime and corruption has increased in the state, whereas today's report itself is that the work of releasing the accused of Gujarat has been done at the behest of the Government of India. This will boost the morale of the accused. People should avoid this crocodile tear of the opposition.

374 crore schemes were laid and inaugurated

Through the program, the Chief Minister laid the foundation stone and inaugurated 519 schemes costing about Rs 374 crore in Koderma district. This includes laying the foundation stone of 355 schemes worth Rs 174 crore 22 lakh 68 thousand and inaugurating 159 schemes worth Rs 199 crore 92 lakh 64 thousand. At the same time, assets worth about 22 crores were distributed.