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ED called the superintendent of Birsa Central Jail and the security officer of CM residence

Pankaj Prasad
Enforcement Directorate
Enforcement Directorate

The ED has issued notices to the Birsa Central Jail superintendent and the security officer of the CM residence and directed them to appear on October 19 and 20.

Ranchi: ED has issued notices to Hamid Akhtar, the superintendent of Birsa Munda Central Jail in Ranchi and the security officer of CM residence. The jail superintendent has been directed to appear on October 19 and the security officer of the CM residence on October 20. A notice has been sent to the security officer of CM residence through DGP. Jail superintendent will be questioned about Vakalatnama used by Amit Agrawal for appointment of advocate in Supreme Court.

They have to tell when they verified the signature of accused Amit Agarwal on his Vakalatnama. At that time the accused was in jail in judicial custody or on ED remand. The security officer of CM residence will have to give information about two AK-47 and 60 bullets found from Prem Prakash's house. It has to be told whether both the guards posted in the security of the CM residence were on duty or not. How did their weapons reach PP's house? What action did the police take in this case?

PP used to collect money from secretary-level officers

Prem Prakash (PP), arrested in illegal mining, used to collect money from the top officials of the state. Prem Prakash's employee Anil Jha has given this information in his statement given to the Enforcement Directorate (ED). At the same time, it has also been said that on the instructions of Prem Prakash, he used to bring Rs 25-30 crore in cash in a year and give it to him. Anil Jha once brought one crore rupees from a man near the basement of Pantaloon and gave it to Prem Prakash. The person from whom he had taken the money was CA Suman Kumar, he cannot say for sure.

Maintains relations with influential people: Anil Jha has said in the statement that Prem Prakash is related to influential people of the state. He takes percentage in managing the tender. Apart from this, used to collect money for influential people. The ED officials wanted to know from him that who were the influential people for whom Prem Prakash used to collect money,

In response to this, Anil Jha said that he does not know exactly which influential people they are. According to the information he has, Prem Prakash used to collect money from some officers of the secretary level. Apart from this, seven other people also collect money from different places and give it to Prem Prakash. These people include Rajdeep of Ravi Steel Jhiri Road Ranchi, Arvind Kumar Dubey, resident of Vidyanagar Harmu, Suryansh, resident of Argora Chowk, Ashok Nagar, Rajesh Dutta and Dhananjay, residents of Sahajanand Chowk, Kausar of Doranda and CA Yogesh, resident of Vardman compound Lalpur Chowk.

Anil Jha said that Prem Prakash believed in him a lot. On his instructions, he used to bring money from different people and give it to them. Although he does not know where this money came from. In his statement after the ED officials showed the picture of CA Suman Kumar Singh, he said that he came to know about CA Suman Kumar after seeing his picture in the news after raiding his premises.

Recording his statement in connection with the question related to collecting one crore from CA Suman Kumar on 22 April 2022, Anil Jha said that he had collected one crore rupees from a person near the basement of Pantaloon. But the person who gave him the money was Suman Kumar, don't remember it. The person giving him money could also be Suman Kumar.

Earlier used to work in hotel, connected with PP on double money 

Anil gave the account of five lakh rupees received from the house and said that this amount was saved from salary and given as a gift by family members. About Rs 2.90 lakh written in the diary received from the house, it was told that this amount was given by Prem Prakash to build the house. Anil Jha said that he used to work in Hotel Emerald earlier. Prem Prakash used to go there. During this time he came in contact with Prem Prakash. Prem Prakash offered her to work in his firm at double the salary. After this he started working in Kishan Poultry Farm from the year 2015 on a salary of 40 thousand rupees.

PP had formatted the mobile of its personnel

Prem Prakash was nervous. He called all the employees in his office and asked them to format the phone. After this, the phones of all the employees were formatted, due to which all the old records were erased from the phone.