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Bihar Flood: Bhagalpur floods again devastation, many villages in the grip of erosion, houses are merging in the Ganga

Pankaj Prasad
Floods in Bhagalpur
Floods in Bhagalpur

The floods in Bhagalpur have once again created a furore. The water of the Ganges has entered many villages.

Ganga has once again assumed a formidable form in Bihar. Many areas of Bhagalpur district have been submerged. At the same time, there has been an outcry due to erosion in many areas. The people who came under the JD of erosion are forced to leave their homes and doors and migrate to a safe place. At the same time, every day now people are forced to see their homes and houses merging in the Ganges in front of their eyes. There is also resentment among the villagers that the administration is not fully cooperating to save them from this natural havoc that fell on them for the last few days.

Houses falling every day in English village

Heavy erosion is taking place on the banks of the Ganges in English village under Sabour block of Bhagalpur district. Every day the houses are falling down in the Ganges. People are compelled to see the house built with the earnings of blood and sweat in the river in front of their eyes. On seeing another house on Thursday, it got absorbed in the Ganges. There is an atmosphere of fear among the people and even at night people are still waking up and spending time.

Ganga's fury continues

The water level of Ganga is increasing continuously. Due to the rise in the water level, the water of the river has started entering the houses in many areas of the district. The victims of the floods are now taking shelter in higher places. On Wednesday, the water level of the Ganges was slightly lower in Sultanganj. Whereas in Bhagalpur and Kahlang the water level of Ganga has increased slightly. The water of the Ganges has also entered Lailakh village of Sabour block. There are reports of flood water entering more than 5 dozen houses here.

Compulsion to move to safer places with cattle

The floods in Akbarnagar have taken a formidable form. Where flood water has entered half a dozen villages. The flood water has reached near the Akbarnagar-Shahkund main road. After the flood water entered the villages, now farmers have started moving towards safer places with cattle. In a dozen panchayats of the district, the condition of the farmers has been battered by floods and droughts.