Dengue In Patna: Dengue again broke season's record, 674 new patients in 24 hours, figure reached 4129

Pankaj Prasad
Dengue In Patna
Dengue In Patna

In the official figures, the death of one patient this season has been shown on Thursday.

Dengue In Patna: This year the outbreak of dengue is increasing rapidly. Whether the hospital is government or private, there is a line of patients with fever and dengue symptoms. Dengue is at its peak. Dengue is breaking its record in Patna district since last 10 days. The maximum number of cases have come again on Thursday. 674 cases have been registered within 24 hours. This is the highest number of this season. The maximum number of 483 cases were registered in this season.

Most cases in PMCH 

On Thursday, the maximum number of 144 patients were found in PMCH, 57 in NMCH and 37 in IGIMS, a total of 238 patients were found only in these three medical college hospitals. Apart from this, a total of 436 patients have been identified in all the primary health centers, sub-divisional and referral hospitals of the district besides private hospitals. Which has become 674 in total. With this, the number of dengue patients in the district has reached 4129.

one patient died in health department report

On the one hand, while the number of dengue patients is increasing continuously, on the other hand the process of death due to this disease is also going on. In the official figures, the death of one patient this season has been shown on Thursday. The patient is a resident of Patna. However, according to the report of NMCH and other private hospitals of the city, four patients have died due to dengue so far. Of these, two NMCH and two patients have died within the last one week at Ruban Memorial Hospital in the city.

What is a Civil Surgeon 

Civil Surgeon Dr KK Rai said that this is the highest number of dengue patients found so far. A survey is also being done about how the number of patients is increasing so fast. Along with this, people are also being appealed to stop the spread of dengue and pay attention to cleanliness.