Police in Bengal forcibly ended the movement of Tet pass candidates, uproar during the SFI-DYFI demonstration

Pankaj Prasad
DYFI leader Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay arrested
DYFI leader Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay arrested

Protests are going on continuously on behalf of SFI and DYFI in Karunamayi, Kolkata, capital of West Bengal.

Continuous protests are being held by SFI and DYFI in Karunamayi, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal . There is a ruckus over the police action on the Tet pass protesters. From the side of SFI and DYFI, there is a ruckus in Karunamayi since morning. There is a continuous demonstration in front of the office of the Board of Primary Education. It is worth noting that some of the Tet candidates of the year 2014 were arrested by the police last night, in protest against which SFI and DYFI are protesting. Many SFI supporters have also been arrested by the police.

There was a scuffle between the police and the supporters 

During the demonstration being organized by the supporters of SFI and DYFI, he also got into a scuffle with the police. The commotion continues. Many women supporters have been arrested in the police van and taken away. Miking is being done by the police to end the protests. But supporters say that this demonstration will end only when Tete candidates are appointed. In Kolkata, there is a continuous ruckus regarding the matter of tet and teacher appointment. At the same time, RAF has been deployed in the area to handle the situation. Many people have been arrested by the police, despite this, the continuous demonstration continues. The police has surrounded the entire area from all sides.

DYFI leader Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay arrested 

DYFI leader Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay also protested by sitting on the road amid the ongoing protests in Karunamayi. During this, he said that the police are afraid of agitation in Bengal. We were demonstrating peacefully but the police have forcibly converted this protest into a ruckus. Give jobs to Tet candidates or else this protest will continue. During this, the police have arrested him.

Film director Aparna Sen also condemned the Salt Lake incident 

Film director Aparna Sen tweeted opposing the Salt Lake incident. He wrote that the Trinamool government is interfering in the democratic rights of the hunger strikers. Why Section 144 was issued against the non-violent movement? The immoral behavior of the government should be strongly opposed. I feel that there is a peaceful movement going on, fundamental democratic rights are being violated. It has been said that he did not follow Section 144. I do not understand why Section 144 was issued against the peaceful movement.