Crime News: Video viral on social media in Palamu, 7 arrested, mini gun factory exposed

Pankaj Prasad
Mini gun factory exposed in Palamu
Mini gun factory exposed in Palamu

Palamu Police has arrested seven people including Lallan Yadav.

Police has arrested seven people, including Lallan Yadav, after a video of a youth waving a pistol went viral on social media in Palamu district of Jharkhand two days ago. The mini gun factory has been exposed on the behest of the accused. Arvind Singh was caught with an illegal weapon on the behest of Lalan Yadav. Arvind Singh admitted to buying three weapons from Vikas Singh in front of the police. One weapon has been confiscated from it. He has admitted to selling one weapon to Abhishek Chaudhary and one to Kamlesh Singh. SP Chandan Kumar Sinha gave this information in the press conference.

Weapons were made in the middle of the forest

The arrested accused told that Baijnath Mistry works in making weapons. Vijay Singh works in arms supply. He lives on rent in Baijnath Mistry's house. The police was told that the work of making weapons is done in the middle of the dense forest. Vijay Singh buys a pistol from Baijnath Mistry for four thousand and sells it for six thousand rupees. Many policemen including Satbarwa police station in-charge Rishikesh Kumar Rai, Assistant Under Inspector Kaushal Kishore Dubey, Ravindra Kumar, Budhu Urao, Havildar Mahadev Tuti, Rameshwar Singh Sardar were involved in the raid.

Baijnath has connection with Jammu and Kashmir

The main kingpin of the weapon, Baijnath Mistry, is a resident of Semri village of Palamu's Patan police station area. Before 2019, he used to work in an arms manufacturing factory in Jammu and Kashmir. SP Chandan Kumar Sinha told that after coming from there, he used to do other work for a few days. After this he went to work in Hyderabad for a few days. After returning from Hyderabad, the work of making weapons started.

Goods recovered in raid

In the raid, the police have recovered one pistol of 315, two country-made pistols, two country-made Bharthua guns, three semi-made pistols, weapon making equipment, electric grinder machine and four mobiles. Along with the main gangster Baijnath Mistry, Vikas Kumar, Arvind Kumar, Abhishek Chaudhary, Lallan Yadav, Vijay Singh along with Kamlesh Singh, a resident of Leslieganj, have also been arrested.