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BPSC has made a big change in the examinations, now the question paper will be printed at the examination centers

Pankaj Prasad
BPSC examinations
BPSC examinations

In the BPSC examinations, now the question paper will be printed at the examination centers.

In the BPSC examinations, now the question paper will be printed at the examination centers. On Thursday, the commission's chairman Atul Prasad said that it will start with the project manager exam to be held on Saturday. It will also be repeated on the second day of Project Manager exam on 28th October. In the new method, the soft copy of the question paper prepared by the question paper center will be ordered in sealed pen drive in several sets. Out of these, any set in the Commission's office will be selected by the concerned officials on the day of examination itself and from there it will be sent directly to the examination center in a sealed form.

There the seal of that pen drive will open in front of the students in the examination hall and it will be printed on the printer provided by BPSC in the examination hall itself and will be made available to the candidates. If the experience of BPSC is better during this change, then efforts will be made to implement it in most of the upcoming exams. These changes have been made to prevent the possibility of question paper leaking in the printing process. During the press conference of the chairman, the secretary cum examination controller of the commission, Amarendra Kumar was also present on the spot.

Extra time will be given to the examinees in case of delay

In all such examinations including Combined Competitive Examination PT, in which a large number of candidates appear, it will be difficult to adopt this onspot printing method as it will require a large number of printers. There may be some delay in the commencement of the examination in this process. However, Atul Prasad has said that in such a situation additional time will be given to the examinees.

More marks will be given on difficult questions

BPSC will also ask question papers in two different marks category in its upcoming PT Exams and Multiple Optional Objective Main Exams. Commission chairman Atul Prasad said that generally three types of questions are asked in objective examinations. Some of them are easy, some are general and some are difficult questions. Till now all questions have been getting equal marks, but in the upcoming examinations, difficult questions will be marked separately and they will be given more marks than normal questions.

one third will be tough questions

In the PT of 68th Combined Competitive Examination, out of total 150 questions, the number of such difficult questions will be 50. The questions in each section will consist of such difficult questions which will be given two marks instead of one. Also, people should not be confused in such questions on the basis of guess, so negative marks will also be given in such questions for wrong answers. This will be done to give a chance to the meritorious girl students to move ahead and discourage the tendency to splurge. After the new change, the total number of questions will not increase, they will remain 150. Only the total score will increase to 200. On the same trend, a difficult question will be given in other objective type multiple choice answer exams as well. However, the additional marks or the number of difficult questions to be given may increase or decrease exam-wise.

Can change language

BPSC will also allow candidates to use different languages ​​(Hindi or English) in different papers for writing answers in the upcoming written examinations. However, in using different questions in the same paper, candidates cannot use different languages. On writing the answer in Hindi, they will be able to give only the term in English.

Intention will be taken from students on scaling

The chairman told that BPSC had formed a committee for scaling, whose report has been received by him. It will be considered soon. In the upcoming examinations, at the time of filling the application for the main examination, BPSC will seek suggestions from the candidates appearing for the main examination whether they want scaling in the examination or not. If you want, which format would be right to adopt for this.

Before this, the candidates will be told through the media about the various methods used for scalping and their merits and demerits so that they can take the right decision. If the student wants to give any new option other than the option given by BPSC, then he will also be allowed to give it. The Commission will further decide whether to apply scaling in any examination or not, keeping in view the percentage of option selection of the candidates.

Advertisement of 68th BPSC PT will be out in next two-three days

The advertisement of 68th BPSC PT will be out in the next two-three days. So far 222 vacancies have come for this. Vacancies are yet to come from many departments.