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Plant illuminated on Deepawali, after 23 years, power generation started from the first unit of NTPC North Karanpura

Pankaj Prasad
North Karanpura Power Plant
North Karanpura Power Plant

After 23 years, power generation has started from the first unit of NTPC's North Karanpura Power Plant.

After 23 years of foundation stone, power generation has started from the first unit of NTPC's North Karanpura Power Plant. The current was successfully transferred to the grid by turning on the unit at 7:00 pm on 21 October. The first unit of 660 MW capacity produced 121 MW of electricity on the first day. After so many years, seeing the generation of electricity from this power plant, there was a wave of happiness among the officers and employees of NTPC.

Team North Karanpura under the leadership of NTPC (East Zone-2) Regional Executive Director AK Goswami and Chief Manager Tajinder Gupta has achieved this success. For the first time in the country, ACC cooling system has been used in this unit, which reduces the water requirement by 80 percent as compared to conventional power plants. It was told that commercial distribution of electricity will be started in two months (by December) from this power plant.

PM Modi likely to come

NTPC sources said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can attend the inauguration ceremony of this power plant. PMO is being contacted by NTPC Management. The PMO is also continuously monitoring this scheme.

Flood and North Karanpura's foundation stone was laid simultaneously

The then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had laid the foundation stone of NTPC's North Karanpura power plant in United Bihar on 6 March 1999, while NTPC's Barh power plant was laid on 5 June 1999. Production started from one unit of Barh in the year 2020 itself and commercial distribution also started. There are five units of 660 MW in the flood. Of these, three have become operational, while work on two is in progress.

Project closed in 2008, restarted in 2014

At the time of foundation stone laying, the North Karanpura project was the country's first supercritical thermal power plant with a capacity of 1980 MW. It was to be built in four years, but the pace of construction slowed down. In the year 2008, the project was closed on the ground that there were coal deposits under the ground. In October 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi again started work on the project. Since then work is going on on three units of 660 MW each.